Training Tips

Training Tips

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Free Training Tips from the Raw Threads Club

Training Basics Part 1: A cardinal rule of endurance training is: Don't try anything new on race day! Thus, don't leave anything to chance regarding your strategy on Race Day. A month from any race you are training/running you can work on the following:

👟Shoes - Use a shoe that is working for you.  If you are in the same pair of sneakers that you started with this season, now is the time to get new sneakers. As you purchase your shoes, break them in on weekday trainings and have them ready to go on your last long training of the season.
🧦 Socks - Make sure you have figured out which type of socks (e.g., thin, think, two layers, various materials, compression, knee highs, etc.) work best for you. There's no worse feeling in a marathon than realizing that your socks are a contributing factor to the development of blisters.
👚 Apparel – We all are lucky, wear Raw Threads apparel. For me the best running apparel due it’s feel, moisture wicking, UV protection, doesn’t smell when I sweat and overall fit. Stay away from Cotton. It will cause chaffing and will get heavy when wet. You style clothes have been working for you this season and do you want to wear these type of clothes on event day based on the weather for the weekend!
🍏 Nutrition - Use the few weeks leading up to your race to fine tune your pre-training evening and morning meals. Think about which foods seem to give you the most energy, the quantities that work for you and the timing of your meals. Also think about which foods seem to irritate you—these will need to be avoided Event Weekend.
Share what works for you in the comments below!
Our Training Tips are written by our Raw Threads Club Troop Counselor, Jo Roberts. 🏕
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