Training Tip Thursday--Recovery


It’s race week(end)!

Many of you are running long mileage this week(end) for the #wdwmarathon virtual race events so we thought a recovery training tip would be perfect!


So you have run your race now what?!


No matter what the distance you need to recover, especially for the longer miles.  How quickly you recover from your race depends on a number of factors, including your pre-race fitness level, your race duration, and the difficulty of your race. 


The best things you can do to improve your recovery are:


1. Gentle exercise, such as walking 
(at light to moderate pace and distance) or light cross-training


2. Keep hydrating! 


3. Eat healthy foods, especially good carbs like fruits and vegetables to restore what you burned during your race and provide nutrients that aid in muscle repair and strengthening (the rule of thumb is to “eat a rainbow”, that is, a variety of brightly colored foods which are nutrient dense), as well as LEAN sources of protein (necessary for muscle repair) 


4. Rest. At a minimum, do not run/jog/walk briskly for 2 full days after your race. If you are experiencing tightness or discomfort that causes you to alter your form, it is better to wait a little longer, since training with poor form increases your risk for injury 


5. With the added stress of the race, your body’s immune system lost needed resources to other functions in your body, so you may be more susceptible to infections like the common cold. Make sure to wash your hands frequently, and avoiding touching your eyes, mouth or nose unless your hands are freshly washed 


Best of luck in your races! Please share what  works for you in the comments below!

Our Training Tips are written by our Raw Threads Club Troop Counselor, Jo Roberts. 🏕


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