Now for two more tips to help you make your goals when your having issues and need extra motivation!

Tip #3: Forget About Training and Racing Are you a person who typically signs up for races and commits to a training plan? Then it’s possible you’re burnt out and in need of a break. I love to train for races and compete, but I also know that at the peak of my training I will hit a low-point where I feel so tired that I begin to resent having to train. I‘ve learned how to push through these phases and continue training, but it’s necessary for me to schedule some down time between races. If taking a good amount of time off from training and racing is what you need (and be honest about it), then make sure you do yourself the favor. Instead, spend some time participating in cross-training or other activities you might enjoy.

Tip #4: Remember “Get to” and “Got to” A friend shared this concept in a blog post recently and it’s worth passing on. She said that when she loses motivation to train, she tells herself that running or walking is a privilege. It’s something that she “gets” to do. After all, not everyone has the ability to run. Some are sick, some are crippled, and some have no time. But if you are fully capable, then don’t think of it as something that you’ve “got” to do today. Be grateful instead that you have legs that are mobile, lungs that are strong, and a body that is healthy - all of these things mean that you “get” to train today.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up. Losing your motivation is not a weakness. Consider it a “phase” in your training routine, and have hope and confidence, knowing that phases pass. Happens to us all! Share your ideas and strategies here too we all learn from each other and new information is a gift! Share your reasons why or what works for you in the comments below!

Our Training Tips are written by our Raw Threads Club Troop Counselor, Jo Roberts.

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