Squash your Goals

Squash your Goals on this #TrainingTipThursday Be sure to save this post for future reference. Making smart choices so you can “Squash your Goals”!

• You have choices! You can’t always rely on continuing to do what you have always done or letting fate intervene! Don’t let stress influence your decisions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, step back, walk away and do something else. Changing focus can help you look at your goal with a fresh perspective.

• Don’t try to find the “perfect” solution – they rarely exist. Do what works best for you, at that time. What works for someone else isn’t always the best thing for you. You are unique, and your choices will be individualized to you. Always be learning! Don’t worry about making a “wrong” decision. We learn not only by what works, but also by what doesn’t work! We can try new ways and learn. This way we will “Squash our Goals”.

• If you have questions about training, etc. just let me know! Our Training Tips are written by our Raw Threads Club Troop Counselor, Jo Roberts. 🏕

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