Summer Training Tips

Summer Training Tips

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We are looking forward to offering our Raw Threads fans a few training tips each month.Our tips are suggestions brought to by Jo, a Team in Training Coach and our Troop Counselor in our Raw Threads Club. 

We are looking forward to offering our Raw Threads fans a few training tips here on our blog. 

Our tips are suggestions brought to by Jo, a Team in Training Coach and our Troop Counselor in the Raw Threads Club.  Jen and Kate will also share their thoughts on each post.


Many of us will be doing long runs/walks over the summer as part of our endurance training. It is important to stay hydrated. Before you go out to exercise, drink a glass or two of water. Carry a bottle of water or even a hydration pack. Take a drink every 15 minutes, even when you're not thirsty. When you're done with your workout, have a few more glasses of water.

Heat and Sun Protection

In the summer what we wear when we exercise is based on the weather, sport, conditions and comfort. We all know it helps if the clothing color reflects the heat, is moisture wicking , lightweight, breathable and most importantly has UPF protection. It is crazy to think that bamboo actually is 3 degrees cooler than cotton and has UPF 55+.

As important as it is to have UPF protection in our clothes, sunscreen is a must! It's important to protect your exposed skin. For us, the best protection comes from sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide. You can get burned and suffer sun damage to your skin even on cloudy days especially on long runs. Don’t forget lip balm with UPF either!

To have the extra protection provided by UPF fabrics is a must. How about you? Let us know in the comments below.

Watching the Weather

Check the weather forecast before you start your workout. If there's a heat advisory, meaning high ozone and air pollution, you might want to take your workout indoors. If it is hot consider wearing a hat, cool towel and sunglasses. As many of us prepare for our weekend runs and events/activities we have already started to look at forecasts. Being prepared takes away lots of the stress. 

A few words from Jen and Kate

Jen: Having a grandfather that had a form of skin cancer, I am a big advocate of skin protection from the sun, but I don't enjoy the greasy sunblock. I love to bring an extra Bamboo Long Sleeve shirt with me for extra sun protection. I keep it around my waist or in my purse until I need it. For my face, I only buy make-up that has zinc oxide. I am unlike most runners, I love to run on the treadmill. So I don't usually need to check the weather forecast before I workout, however I am trying to work on running more in the heat so that I can improve circulation and get better acclimated for the Fanatic Race Series with Kate. (If you are local and sign-up you get a free Raw Threads shirt!) For water, I am used to drinking large amounts from when I used to amateur body build. I can drink an entire gallon in one day. However when I am busy at work I do forget to spread out my water intake.  

Kate: I have run many races with Jo and she is always so good about reminding me to wear sunscreen when I run.  This is something that I am trying to be better about.  For my face I have always made sure that I wear makeup that has SPF in it. Summer running weather in Florida is hot and humid and it is something that I have learned to work through since becoming a runner.  I am very accident prone (I normally have one good fall or ankle roll a year) so running on the treadmill is not really an option for me as I know I am just going to fly off the back of it.  I love to run outside and find new paths and routes around my neighborhood.  During the summer I plan my run in the evenings as the sun is going down.  But I do always make sure I check the radar first.  I take a bottle of water with me to stay hydrated.  I normally have a bottle of water with me no matter what I am doing during the day.  I drink a ton of water and my body is so used to how much water I drink that I can feel it when I am starting to get dehydrated.  If you see Jen and I at work or at an expo, there is normally a gallon water jug close by (and of course coffee)! 

Disclaimer: By reading this, you agree to all of the following: You understand this to be an expression of opinions and not professional doctor advice. You are solely responsible for the use of any content and hold Raw Threads and all members and affiliates harmless in any event or claim. We recommend that you do your own independent research before doing anything and consult with your doctor.


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