Double Rewards Labor Day Weekend Promotion!


Starting now for every dollar you spend you earn 4 stars during this labor Day Promotion! Stars accumulate and you can convert them to discount codes!*

How does it work?

All you have to do is have an active Rewards Account. Log in or create one here >

What are Raw Threads Rewards?

Spend more, earn more! Earn Rewards for dollars off a future purchase. (Be sure to be logged into the Rewards panel before you perform any actions) 


Rewards panel is a pop in the left hand corner of your screen. Become a member, if you don't already have an account with, you can create an account here  >

What are the ways I can earn Rewards?

1. Shopping: 4 Stars (Labor Day Weekend Promotion) for every $1 Spent on your order

2. Sharing on Facebook you can earn 200 Stars. 

3. Writing a Review you can earn 200 Stars for each Review* (maximum 30 reviews each month).

4. Like us on Facebook you can earn 50 Stars.

5. Follow us on Instagram and you can earn 50 Stars.

6. Upload a Photo with your Review and you can earn 300 Stars (maximum 30 reviews each month).

7. Earn 200 Stars just for signing up 

8. On your Birthday earn 200 Stars

How do I spend my Rewards?

1. Redeem 500 Stars and earn a $5 off discount code. Order minimum $30.00

2. Redeem 1000 Stars and earn a $10 off discount code. Order minimum $50.00 

3. Redeem 2500 Stars and earn a $25 off discount code. Order minimum $100.00

*Discounts and stars expire after 6 months.

Did you know you can earn Rewards by Referrals?

1. Give a 20% off coupon to your friends and receive your own $20 off when
they make a purchase.

How to get started:

Make sure you have an account. In order to earn rewards online and at expos, you have to have an account with us. ACCESS MY REWARDS PANEL NOW
It will open as a pop-up. The pop-up will walk you through all of our rewards and how easy they are to earn.
If you need any assistance let us know at
Earn more stars for different actions, and turn those Stars into awesome rewards!

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