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Happy Birthday Raw Threads®

Happy Birthday Raw Threads®

, by Jennifer Leonard, 3 min reading time

I am so excited to celebrate our 13th anniversary.  I started Raw Threads in March of 2010 with the goal of expressing my creativity through t-shirts. What all started from driving our van across the country from event to event has turned into the most amazing community a business owner could ever dream of. 

I love what I do

You wouldn’t guess that most of my professional design career I was a shy and behind-the-scenes designer. But Raw Threads has given me the courage to share! My graphic tees have allowed me to express what I'm feeling without speaking. I wanted people to be able to express themselves in my designs on the most technologically advanced fabric in the market all while staying as sustainable as possible.

Each morning I go into my closet and decide which mood I'm in that day and pick a Raw Threads shirt to coincide. It's the most powerful feeling to have a shirt completely change how you're feeling and empower you to get through the day’s challenges or celebrations. I love seeing our customers go through the same experience and seeing which designs they chose to wear that day.

Let's slow down fashion

I'm so happy that we've been able to offer small batches and made-to-order products in order to keep our commitment of providing quality over quantity. Sustainability was my priority from the beginning. We believe in providing a responsible product. I've worked hard to find partners that can prioritize sustainability in every way that they can.

I try to design our silhouettes to work for both fitness and casual wear. That way you can get multiple uses out of your shirt! 

I believe in cherishing the inherent value of each and every garment. Each one is carefully packaged in sustainable packaging and sent off to its new owner. 

I am always looking to expand our knowledge of innovative technology and materials, including our own production practices and we're always actively improving. By printing made-to-order and our use of eco-friendly water-based inks (non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable) we generate little to no waste.

Women supporting women

I'm honored that we have expanded our network to include female-owned fabric companies and sewing factories that have a sustainable initiative. Our plant-based fabric partners use every bit of our fabrics, and what they cannot turn into a garment they repurpose.
I'm inspired to be a part of the running community that has embraced our brand for 13 years. We're so lucky that the most genuine and kind-hearted fans that  have continued to support us.

Our future

Raw Threads will continue to uphold the highest standard of quality while aligning ourselves with great partners that uphold our sustainable vision of the future.

Thank you for making conscious choices in your athletic wear. Our customers are our future. 

Jennifer Leonard
Raw Threads Founder 


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